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Turismo LAUR

Tour begins

Through our first touristic experience, visitors get to know our centennial olive estate. We have specialized guides for bilingual tours.


Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.



+54 (261) 4990716

First Stop

Turismo LAUR

Here is where the journey to the past begins, where our guides will narrate the Olive Farm history and the beginning of the olive oil's elaboration process.

Second Stop

Turismo LAUR

Then they will go to the historic museum where they can visit the past through this meaningful place and admire the ancient machinery and its evolution.

Third Stop

Turismo LAUR

Afterwards, visitors come the present by touring our current factory with its state-of-the-art machinery, where they will be able to watch the latest olive oil production method.

Fourth Stop

Turismo LAUR

The guided group goes to the new plant Acetaia, where important structures and exclusive Aceto storing vats can be observed.

Fifth Stop

Turismo LAUR

Ending in the sales room, with a tasting of olive oil, aceto balsamico, dried tomatoes, green and black olive paste, served with home made bread.